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Founder's Message

"Having worked as an educator and mental health professional for over 20 years, I saw the need to reimagine educational facility design to help improve academic and social-emotional learning outcomes for vulnerable populations of students.

The narrative continues to play out that chronically underperforming, low-income, minority students are at greater risk of dropping out of school, perpetuating a cycle of illiteracy, impoverishment, and incarceration.

Learning In Color is transforming the learning environment of chronically underperforming K-12 schools. Joined by a community of visual artists, contractors, and vested partners, we are designing vibrant, color-filled learning spaces where students are uplifted and motivated to learn."

- Carol A. Bowman, M. Ed.

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OUR MISSION is to build literacy-rich and economically empowered communities by helping vulnerable populations of K-12 students make meaningful connections to their learning environment so that a greater number of minority and low-income students are achieving math and reading proficiency, and graduating from high school college and career ready.

Our Impact in 2022-2023

LIC Paint Can Held

Our Lead Artist: Lori Smith

Meet Lori Smith.

Ms. Smith is a visual artist and art teacher who quickly realized the effects of color psychology on students.

She says, "School can kind of feel like prison, but when kids walk in and see color and images it becomes a place where they want to be. It makes a huge difference."

By knowing first-hand the impact that color has on learning, Ms. Smith is creating life changing learning environments as the Lead Artist with Learning in Color.

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